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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for Chiropractic treatment? 2017-04-24T17:20:02+00:00

If you are unsure of how Chiropractic can help you, or want to know if a Chiropractor is the best person for you to consult with, please give us a call and we will answer your questions as best as we can.

We generally recommend you make a booking and come in for a complete clinical assessment so our Chiropractor can determine if you will benefit from care, and also answer any further questions you may have particular to you.

If you are not a candidate for Chiropractic care, or if you require treatment beyond the scope of Chiropractic, rest assured you will be referred to the appropriate specialist or practitioner.

Remember though – if you have a spine and a nervous system – chances are you can benefit from Chiropractic care.

What do Chiropractors do? 2017-08-02T14:28:33+00:00

Chiropractors restore spinal joint function with gentle specific movements called “adjustments”. There are many different techniques that can be utilised to perform an adjustment. On-going treatment may include Exercise, Postural and Lifestyle Advice, which is individually tailored to each case. Correction of joint movement problems can also be achieved in the arms, legs, the jaw and rib cage.

The spine is a dynamic structure subject to many physical/chemical/emotional stresses – our lifestyles do not allow spinal joints to fully move, self-lubricate and repair properly. This is because we sit too long for work, don’t move enough when we should and make mistakes when we lift and exercise. Sometimes abnormal loading patterns may have been present since the impacts of childhood, or from past trauma, or perhaps our individual genetics and anatomical variations have contributed to localised spinal joint dysfunction. Adjustments re-establish correct movement and allow the body to move with better efficiency.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment? 2017-05-02T09:15:05+00:00

An ‘Adjustment’ is the application of a precise force to a specific part of the involved spinal segment, using the hands or an instrument, to restore optimal joint function leading to improved movement and normal nerve transmission.

Adjustments can be performed manually by the hands as with spinal manipulation – a quick, controlled thrust often accompanied by an audible ‘pop’ – or through gentle low-force techniques such as Activator instrument, SOT blocking, and drop-piece tables.

What is the popping sound? 2017-05-02T09:16:40+00:00

The actual ‘pop’ is called a cavitation, and it’s the release of gas within the joint that makes the sound. Synovial fluid lubricates the joints of the spine for the purpose of movement and nourishment. Byproducts formed in the production of synovial fluid are oxygen, nitrogen and carbondioxide. When you get adjusted and the joint is gapped or opened up, the gas is released and often you hear a distinctive sound. After the joint is opened up the synovial fluids relubricate the joint surfaces and normal motion is restored.

The presence or volume of the ‘pop’ sound isn’t a guide to the quality or need of the adjustment. It is a common misconception that the noise heard is bones going back into place or rubbing on each other.

If you do not enjoy Chiropractic manipulation techniques involving popping sounds, let your Chiropractor know and they will utilise other techniques to adjust you.

Are Chiropractic adjustments safe? 2017-08-02T14:29:47+00:00

Full scientific reviews of the literature (Cochrane Review) have reported that spinal manipulation is one of the safest approaches for spine pain. As there are many technique options for delivering an adjustment, your Chiropractor will choose the appropriate techniques based on your age, size, condition and preference, allowing safe and effective treatment.

Will I have to get X-rays? 2017-05-02T09:14:28+00:00

Not necessarily. Your Chiropractor will determine if radiographic investigations are necessary once they have assessed your spine.

The purpose of attaining X-ray images is to help evaluate your individual anatomy, locate and classify longer-term degeneration, visualise structural alignment, and exclude underlying pathology and/or trauma if indicated. These images can provide valuable and sometimes necessary information to address your health issues.

If you have previous films please bring them to your initial visit as this may mean that additional x-rays are not required.

If you are Pregnant you will not be referred for X-rays.

Paediatric patients will not be referred for X-rays unless deemed medically necessary.

Our Chiropractor is licensed to refer for Spinal X-rays and MRI.

X-ray imaging is usually bulk-billed through Medicare.

The closest location to get your X-rays is a <100m walk from the practice at QScan which uses only the most up-to-date equipment and procedures.

How long will it take to feel better? 2017-06-23T15:34:00+00:00

Whilst some patients experience almost instant relief nearly all patients are feeling improvement within two to three weeks. There are many factors that affect your rate of healing such as your age, lifestyle, level of spinal degeneration, the type of injury, your general health, how long you have had the problem, and how compliant you are with recommendations.

Every person is different and so rates of healing will differ. When it comes to spinal joint dysfunction, pain is often the last symptom to appear and the first to disappear – so remember, pain-relief is only the beginning of healing, it takes time for your body to stabilise and adapt to the new movement patterns.

Some presenting conditions involving significant tissue injury/disruption, or chronic pain presentations may require more time but every adjustment is a step closer to improved function and healing. Your Chiropractor will ensure you feel informed so your care plan is clear.

Will I have to go to a Chiropractor forever? 2017-08-02T17:13:29+00:00

How long you benefit from Chiropractic care is always up to you.

During your visits you’ll be presented with information regarding the objectives of each phase of care and the optimum type and duration of care needed to achieve these results. Once you have this information it is your decision to choose the type of care you desire. We will also educate you about the importance and value of keeping your spine in good shape in terms of preventative health care.

Some people just want to alleviate pain and get more comfortable. Other people want to improve their spinal health and find that a customised plan of care achieves better results and long-term pain relief, as well as allowing them to do all the things they want and not give up things because of their condition. Others want to maintain optimal neurological and spinal joint function for overall health benefits.

How long you go to a Chiropractor is always your choice and depends entirely upon your personal goals.

Rest assured we happily provide whatever care you seek, and explain what we honestly think you need, and educate you to inform you of your options.

Why do Chiropractors recommend maintenance check ups? 2017-08-02T17:13:56+00:00

Just as you would get your teeth check by a dentist for cavities you didn’t know about, or take your car to the mechanic for a service to keep it functioning at its best, Chiropractors recommend regular maintenance check-ups of your spine to detect joint movement problems before they become noticeably painful or cause an interruption to your nervous system. Dysfunction of the spinal joints can happen silently and pain is often the last symptom to appear – so keeping it tuned up helps to prevent this.

Adjustments aim to correct any restrictions and keep you moving in an optimal way, able to continue doing all that you want. The frequency of these visits will become apparent as you and your Chiropractor discover how well your body holds your adjusted movement patterns before the physical/chemical/emotional stresses of your daily life cause tension and restriction in your spinal joints.

Do Chiropractors only treat people with back pain? 2017-05-02T09:19:53+00:00

Chiropractors typically treat problems of the spine and nervous system. Whilst the majority of our patients see us for spine care, patients report they can better manage a range of other health conditions when their spine and muscle system is relaxed and working well.

Some of these symptoms include things like headaches/migraine, muscle and joint pain, menstrual pain, fatigue, sinus, digestive symptoms, and overactivity of the stress response.

A lot of patients report Chiropractic also helps maintain their general well-being, rather than care for a particular problem. This is called wellness care.

Why do Chiropractors see children and babies? 2017-08-02T17:16:12+00:00

Babies and children frequently benefit from Chiropractic care through gentle and effective techniques that are highly-modified to suit their size, age and development, allowing for safe adjustments adapted to their individual bodies. In contrast to adjustments delivered to the adult population – the pressure used on a baby is equivalent to the pressure one uses to check a tomato for ripeness.

A child’s spine is subject to a range of stresses possibly as early as in-utero due to positioning or constraint, or during the impacts of a traumatic birth or assisted delivery, or through the repeated minor stresses their bodies sustain as they rapidly grow and develop. Though a child’s spine and body is incredibly flexible and mobile, learning to walk, falling over, riding a bike and other childhood activities can create stress and tension resulting in poor alignment or mobility of spinal segments affecting their developing spine and leading to an interference in nervous system function.

A lot of parents value Chiropractic care when it comes to the health of their infants and children. Growing spines need check-ups to ensure that correct movement patterns and developmental goal-posts are being met. In addition, a number of common childhood ailments may be alleviated with Chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors can also provide advice for all ages and stages, like developmental exercises, postural awareness, stability/strengthening/stretching exercises, or practical advice on correct wearing of backpacks, ergonomics and using electronic devices.

Many problems seen in adults are likely the result of injuries and/or stresses sustained during childhood that were left unaddressed. Regular Chiropractic checks can identify these problems and help avoid complaints later in life.

Treatment plans for babies and children will usually only involve a few visits initially and then intermittent check-ups to ensure their bodies are well-aligned and able to recover from the bumps and strains of childhood.

Our Chiropractor is more than happy to discuss any questions you may have prior to commencing an adjustment.

Do Chiropractors treat pregnant women? 2017-08-02T17:16:41+00:00

Yes. Having your spine checked by your Chiropractor throughout your pregnancy will keep you moving well and will assist in maintaining the proper function of your pelvis and spine as you adapt to the many changes your body is undergoing.

Many pregnant mums, recently birthed mums and babies receive Chiropractic care. Mothers often find that Chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy improve their back pain, help prepare them for childbirth and make delivery easier for themselves and their baby. Our adjusting methods are always adapted to a patient’s size, weight, age, and condition of health to provide the most suitable care.

Can I have Chiropractic care after spinal surgery? 2017-08-02T17:17:02+00:00

Yes. We treat many patients who have had spinal surgery.  Treatment will be modified to accommodate your condition and avoid areas with a surgical history whilst correcting and maintaining the rest of your spine.

Is Chiropractic care covered by veterans affairs? 2017-08-02T17:17:24+00:00

Veterans wishing to see a Chiropractor need a referral from their GP; this referral is valid for 12 months, after which time a new one is required.

At the first appointment we will take details from your DVA Card. After each visit you are required to sign the treatment form and the account is sent directly to the Department of Veterans Affairs for payment.

Do I need a medical referral? 2017-06-23T15:35:11+00:00

No. Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners. You can contact us directly for an appointment.

If claiming through DVA or Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC), you will require a referral from your GP prior to your visit. These claims are then processed when you attend your visit.

What if I have had an accident between my regular care visits? 2017-07-05T18:11:45+00:00

If between appointments you are involved in an accident or sustain a significant trauma, please call to let our reception know such that you can be rescheduled to an appropriate time to allow for examinations that may be required.

If you have had a head injury/concussion/loss of consciousness  – please seek medical clearance before attending your Chiropractic visit.

Will I need to follow any special instructions after my Chiropractic appointment? 2017-04-24T17:21:53+00:00

Yes. It is always important to take a short walk post-adjustment to help your tissues adapt to their change. Your Chiropractor will advise of any home care recommendations to get the most out of your treatment. They may also give specific advice to help you adopt healthier habits for better long-term spinal function and general wellness.

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